Carrington Farms Introduces New Organic Flax Hemp Blend and 12 oz. Coconut Oil

| 3/13/2013 3:26:54 PM

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Carrington Farms, the creators of delicious 100 percent organic, non-genetically modified health food products, continues to reach outside of the box to provide healthy flax seed blends and cooking oils that are not only good for consumers but are affordable and taste great!

Flax seeds have long been deemed “nutritional powerhouses” by health experts because they are packed with healthy oils, fiber, disease-fighting minerals and enzymes, antioxidants, and proteins.  The Carrington Farms product lineup currently includes several popular products utilizing the “super seeds” flax and chia, and with the 2013 addition of the Organic Flax Hemp Blend, the powerful combination of Flax and Hemp is now easily and affordably accessible to nutrition seekers. The super nutritious Organic Flax Hemp Blend (MSRP $7.99) boosts energy and strengthens the immune system while providing a significant source of vegan protein, and fiber along with an abundance of Omega 3’s and the 8 essential amino acids required for healthy cell function. The delicious blend is also naturally free of gluten, cholesterol, sodium, sugars and is low in carbohydrates.  Flax-Hemp blend 

Used as a delicious component to smoothies, oatmeal or pancakes and on top of vegetables or in baked goods, the organic Flax Hemp Blend, is a super easy, delicious, nutritious addition to any meal. 

Carrington Farms is also introducing their pure organic unrefined extra virgin coconut oil in a convenient, recyclable 12 oz. container (MSRP $8.99). The smaller container allows consumers to experience the healthy and delicious replacement for traditional cooking oils, butters or fat without buying a bulk size or breaking the bank. Today, doctors and researchers stand behind coconut oil as “the healthiest oil on earth” since it contains no trans & hydrogenated fats, strengthens the immune system, is high in medium chain triglycerides and contributes to an overall healthy metabolism.  Studies show that coconut oil may protect against heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as improve digestion and memory functions.  A little coconut oil goes a long way in the kitchen and lends itself well to all sorts of cooking. Carrington Farm’s extra virgin coconut oil maintains a pure white color, a fresh coconut taste and requires no refrigeration. It is also great as a moisturizer and health and beauty aid for skin and hair!

These great products from Carrington Farms are available in major grocery and health food retailers including select Whole Foods Markets, Costco, Giant/Stop and Shop, Publix, Kroger, Meijer’s and many more.

This press release is presented without editing for your information. MOTHER EARTH NEWS does not recommend, approve or endorse the products and/or services offered. You should use your own judgment and evaluate products and services carefully before deciding to purchase.  

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