New Directions Radio: Canadian Licensing for Ham Radios and Tips on Morse Code

New Directions Radio shares news about Canadian licensing for ham radios, tips on Morse code using visual patterns and radio information sharing.

| January/February 1976

New Directions radio shares information about Canadian licensing for ham radios.

New Directions radio shares information about Canadian licensing for ham radios.

Photo by the MOTHER EARTH NEWS staff

The New Directions Radio column shares the latest on radio activities, including on-air radio activities, Canadian licensing for ham radios and tips on Morse code using visual patterns.

Copthorne Macdonald is an amateur radio enthusiast, inventor of slow scan television, and founder of New Directions Radio. New Directions Radio article MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 37, January/February 1976.

Ham Radio: On-Air Activities

The opening session of the new East Coast Roundtable was highlighted by a spirited discussion about wood-burning stoves. Ted Johnson (WA1KJI) and Arny Carmody (K2BZC), who both heat their homesteads with wood, provided most of the firsthand expertise.

One highlight of the gabfest: Ted reported that Williams College (which is located near him) has received a National Science Foundation grant to study the relative efficiency of the various wood-burners now on the market. (Isn't it great to see some of that government research money finally being spent on timely, down-to-earth projects!) Johnson promised to watch for the results of the study and to pass them along.

Ted — who is blessed with a strong signal, central location, and willing spirit — has frequently worked the East Coast Roundtable as moderator while Randy Livsey (WB8SPT) out in Michigan has done the same for the Midwest group. Arny Carmody has also served as a moderator as has Ken Chaffee (WA1QXR).

Within the first two weeks of our new Roundtable airings, it became clear that some "fine tuning" of time and frequency would be required to make the exchanges work. Back here in the crowded eastern half of the continent, for instance, we've found the interference level in the General class portion of the band just too high for the type of armchair communication we're trying to carry on. So, by the unanimous agreement of all the participants one night, we made several changes:

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