Brazil Vacation, Israel Solar Tour, Scandinavian Tour, and Other Journeys

The magazine had an extensive travel itinerary in 1981, including a Brazil vacation, another solar tour of Israel, and a Scandinavian tour.

| November/December 1980

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TOP: You will travel by tram in Helsinki during the Scandinavian tour. BOTTOM: Alcohol-powered buses are part of the Brazil vacation.


MOTHER EARTH NEWS' ever-expanding program of "tours that teach" has some very special offerings in 1981. However, you'll have to act quickly if you want to be included on our first trip of the year: a January 16 to February 1 junket into South America's summertime to take a look at Brazil's national program for converting to a renewable fuels economy!

A Tropical Brazil Vacation

Just imagine! When snow blankets the north, you can be traveling up the Amazon to Manaus, an old rubber boom town in the heart of a jungle that's alive with exotic plants, animals, butterflies, and birds.

And — while friends left behind don their heaviest winter apparel — you'll wade in warm tidal pools on the reef-sheltered beaches that border the old colonial city of Recife. Then, when you've had your fill of the brilliant sunshine and dazzling social life on Rio's "powdered sugar" shore, you might cruise over to Paqueta Island for a bicycle ride through quaint, flower-filled streets ... stopping to cool off in an ancient cemetery where candles flicker in the mossy gloom.

All by themselves, such attractions would make MOTHER EARTH NEWS' trip to the Land of Liquid Sunshine the vacation of a lifetime. But besides visiting beaches, cathedrals, and sidewalk cafes, we'll be investigating the distilleries — large and small — that turn various Brazilian crops into alcohol fuel ... which either provides "20%" gasohol for Brazilian cars or is used, in its pure state, to run totally alcohol-powered vehicles.

We'll see the factories (GM, Ford, and Volkswagen) that produce the new "ethanol" cars, too, and drop by Mercedes-Benz to check out the experiments that firm is conducting with sources of renewable diesel fuel. We'll also stop at the research facility that played such a big role in Brazil's alcohol fuel program. We'll talk to scientists, engineers, and government officials about their future plans ... and investigate the ecological impact that the renewable fuels revolution is expected to have on the country.

This unique tour costs $2,395 ... including airfare from Miami plus hotels, land costs, and breakfasts. But if you want to be part of it, you should contact us — and get your $100 deposit in the mail — immediately, since our closing date is November 17.

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