Bon Ami Cleaning Gift Pack Giveaway

| 5/26/2011 8:10:31 AM

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Bon Ami is celebrating its sponsorship of the Puyallup FAIR with a big package of eco-friendly cleaning products!

Bon Ami cleaning products have been around for 125 years, and adhere to the EPA’s Design for the Environment approved list of eco-friendly, effective and biodegradable ingredients. The liquid products are packaged in American-made 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and paper, and are designed to be completely recycled again!

The Bon Ami Cleaning Gift Pack includes one of each of the following: 

Bon Ami
  • Bon Ami tote bag
  • Tangerine & Thyme dish soap
  • Free & Clear dish soap
  • Tangerine & Thyme all-purpose cleaner
  • Free & Clear all-purpose cleaner
  • Tangerine & Thyme Liquid Cleaner
  • Free & Clear Liquid Cleaner
  • Powder Cleanser

That’s $40 worth of cleaning supplies, absolutely FREE for our lucky winner!

Here’s how to win this fabulous package: 

  1. Like us on Facebook  
  2. Tag us in a status update about what you’re looking forward to at the Puyallup, Marin County or Seven Springs FAIRs no later than 3:00 PM Central (1:00 PM Pacific) on Friday, May 27
  3. We’ll notify you via a comment on your status at that time if you won, and let you know how to claim your prize!


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