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| October/November 2007

Today, we're joining thousands of other blogs around the world by writing about environmental issues as part of the first Blog Action Day. We're excited about this event because the chosen topic, the environment, is the subject we cover every day. Check out the links below for today's blog posts, which represent our latest thoughts on a variety of environmental topics.

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The Beauty of Solar Design

Orange and Black and Green: 5 Tips for an Eco-friendly Halloween

10/28/2007 12:00:00 AM

I saw others had put urls on, so here goes. One of my several blog postings for Blog Action Day for the Environment was called Momentous Monarch Migration at

sa mccoy
10/24/2007 12:00:00 AM

The Blog Action Day for the Environment was an excellent opportunity to share what we care about in our environment. I would love to share my blog posting about the Momentous Monarch Migration with you. One of the largest Monarch Roosts in North America was spotted just west of Erie, KS where I live. The Monarchs landed in a 450 acre sunflower field, and they extended over a mile. Since the instructions indicate no HTML allowed, I am not putting a URL here. You can find it by making a search for the Momentous Monarch Migration. It is part of my n2teaching blog. I have 3 other environmental posting just for that day also, plus the others I write throughout the year.Can't wait until next year.

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