Black Friday Manifesto for a Healthier World

| 12/16/2015 11:05:00 AM

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What is the culture of this land? Is there a common practice that we all participate in? What customs do we repeat? What foods do we choose to eat?

This nation grew from cultivation of the land, often manipulating forced labor through violence. Just as often, the true planters were skilled farmers imported as property precisely for their knowledge of the art of growing food. Some of the women came with seeds in their hair. All of the bloodlines came with reverence for the Earth and the magic of life.

We accept the duty that comes with loving nature. We have come to share space and voice with growers globally. But what are the challenges? Why are the choices so important? Are we ready to accept the leadership of women, growers and peace makers? In fact, these are the required skill sets for this transition period in our culture. We need births — healthy, full-term new beings delivered in water, nourished on fluid formed from whole foods, foraged and farmed in our season and sun light.

We are told in business to replicate ourselves when our methods are proven lucrative or efficient. Still, many of us are terrified to reproduce. We face our own filth when we think of bringing children to this planet and then fall to fear when confronting our pollution and climate collapse. 

Why would the replication of business models and organizational structures be worth promoting if the humans required in the projected equations are ashamed to love themselves? It is love of self that contributes greatly to healthy children being born to supportive families participating in vibrant communities.

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