A Bat Roost Registry, the First Full-Size Cordless Blower, and More

A school teaches participants how to build a log home, the American Bat Conservation Society needs help finding bat roosts, a guide to kids' catalogs makes mail-ordering easier, and the first full-size cordless blower goes on the market.

| June/July 1992

Learn How to Build Your Own Log Home

Many of us picture log-cabin builders as big strapping men clad in flannel and workboots. But anyone can do it, including you—and the flannel is optional.

But it sure seems overwhelming. That's why Bill Lasko and his wife, Julie, have started The William M. Lasko School of Log Building, a non-profit organization which offers courses across the country. No anxiety necessary—Lasko will teach you all of the basics: how to locate timber for your home, construct it step-by-step, and prepare yourself financially.

Lasko started this school in order to "help others see their way to debt-free living. There are enough people pointing out the errors in our ways, we want to offer some viable solutions." If you want to build a house in Indiana, for example, you can purchase the logs for as little as $300 to $400. He will also teach you how to build and sell two to three smaller cabins, so that you can afford to buy materials to build your own log home.

Skeptics may argue that taking a class is very different from actually building a home. Right you are, and that's why the course is designed to offer you hands-on experience—you and your fellow students will build a structure starting from scratch. When it's complete, it will be donated to a worthy cause: a home for an unemployed family, a building for a Special Olympic equestrian, a boy scout meeting shelter, etc. These classes are limited to 20 students or less, so that everyone can participate.

Lasko plans to settle down. He will open his school at a permanent site in 1993 near the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana. Until then, courses will be offered in Oregon, New York, and South Carolina.

American Bat Conservation Society is Looking for Bat Roosts

Your assignment: To find bat hangouts.

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