Bartering: Turn Economy Upside Down

| 2/27/2017 10:19:00 AM

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Can bartering turn economy upside down? 

Long before money arrived to complicate our lives, bartering existed as a local-centered, community-based, viable economical system that worked with startling simplicity: trading what you have for what you don’t.

While I’m not naïve enough to believe we can opt out of the money economy altogether – the modern world is too populous and complex for that – bartering can still work exceedingly well in small communities with close-knit personal relationships where people choose to earn less, spend less, and support each other rather than a large chain-store or a mega-farmer.

The beauty of bartering is in its flexibility, personal approach and, last but for me certainly not least, its freedom from tax.

If I, for example, have some backyard-grown organic eggs to spare, I can trade them for some cheese from my neighbors’ home dairy, vegetables from someone’s garden, and so on. By doing so, I’m supporting a traditional, community-centered economical system, forging connections and exercising a creative mode of living. It’s completely win-win, and it bypasses the money economy entirely.

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