MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2013

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Freezing Fruits and Vegetables From Your Garden
Round out your food preservation regimen! Use these tips for freezing produce to turn your garden harvests into delicious off-seasons meals.


Community-Building and Self-Reliance: Our 2013 Homesteaders of the Year
Six families share their wiser-living skills and open their homes to others, promoting self-sufficiency and community education.

10 Nutrition Tips to Boost Health and Flavor in Fresh Food
You know you should eat your fruits and vegetables. What you may not know is that how you handle, store and cook these fresh foods — and the types and varieties you choose — can notably affect their nutritional value.

Ultimate Recycling: Relocating a House
Sometimes your dream home is far from where your heart is. Moving an existing home to a new location is possible, and it can potentially save you money.