MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2010

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2010 

Top Stories

Live on Less!
Can you really save money by going green? Absolutely! Check out our best tips for simple living and saving money.

Save Money on Groceries
Buying in bulk and freezing or canning fruits and veggies are great ways to enjoy better food and cut your grocery expenses by up to 85 percent!


Beloved, Beautiful Bluebirds
“The bluebird carries the sky on his back,” wrote Henry David Thoreau. And these birds have made a comeback as remarkable as their striking hue. Learn more about bluebirds and how you can support these true blue beauties.

Raising Sheep: The Basics
With a little land and a bit of know-how, you can raise this relatively inexpensive livestock for food, fiber and the “shear” fun of it.