MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2009

Mother Earth News: August/September 2009More Than a Magazine ... A Way of Life 

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Grow Your Best Fall Garden: What, When and How
Get started with the second half of the gardening season with these tips, plus our planting guide for fall crops.



Simple Living: 28 All-time Best Tips
Save money and be more self-sufficient with these reader tips from MOTHER’s ever-popular Country Lore department.

The Beauty of Wilderness: A Photo Essay from The Wilderness Society
Relish the wonder and majesty of nature with this photo journey to some of the United States’ most striking landscapes.

Everything He Wants to Do Is Illegal!
Activist Joel Salatin sounds off on the “food police,” raising and eating meat, and the future of farming.

Low-cost Multipurpose Minibuilding Made With Earthbags
Use this unique building technique to make a studio, garden shed, chicken coop or root/storm cellar — no building permit required!