Astronomy Almanac for June and July 1999

Everything important that happened in the sky (and a few things on Earth) during June and July of 1999.

| June/July 1999

June 1999

1. Statehood Day in Tennessee; Mars within 2° (about the width of your thumb at arm's length) of the star Spica from now to June 15 (look for the bright, slightly ruddy planet with the less bright star in the south as dusk ends). S

3.Corpus Christi; Coronation Day in the U.K.; Ed White made first American space walk in 1965.

4. Ten years ago today, the Tiananmen Square massacre occurred.

5. World Environment Day; Mars halts its retrograde (westward) motion relative to the background stars and resumes direct (eastward) motion.

7. LAST QUARTER MOON, 12:20 a.m. EDT

8. Tonight, Mars closest to Spica (1.7° from the star) but no conjunction in right ascension (that is, Mars doesn't pass north or south of Spica, but instead backs away from it after merely getting close to it in the sky).

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