Star Gazer's Almanac: Snowflakes and Astronomical Events for 1996

This star gazer's almanac covers topics about the makeup of snowflakes, leap years, comets and the astronomical events for 1996.

| February/March 1996

Celestial topics include snowflakes, comets, leap years and a preview of the astronomical events for 1996. 

The Star Gazer's Almanac of Astronomical Events

Small Worlds 

You've had your fill of it by this time of year, I imagine; it's heavy to shovel from your driveway in the early spring; it's wet and cold on your head, and dangerous on the roads. That's all that many adults think there really is to say about snow.

But don't all of us retain the child inside who found snow not just a way out of school but a marvel, an enchantment, in fact a world-creator?

It really is as if we live in a different world when snow surrounds us. The ugliest landscape can be smoothed and whitened and set to glitter. Trees draped and clad in cloaks of heavy snow take on a new majesty, and shut off the outside world to form cathedral aisles for us to walk down. Snow alters not just the visual but the auditory realm in which we live.

Snow on the ground, on the trees, even snow in the air, absorbs noise. And I think we should usually be glad to have ourselves insulated from most of the cacophony of today's society.

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