The Seasonal Almanac: Nature and Astronomical Events for February and March 2000

The Seasonal Almanac covers nature and astronomical events for February and March 2000.

| February/March 2000

The Seasonal Almanac shares nature and astronomical events for February and March 2000. 

Seasonal Almanac for February and March 2000


1 Don't miss the spectacular close pairing moon and Venus in the hour before sunrise tomorrow;, in 1920, barometer climbs to over 31 inches of mercury (extremely high) in Maine and northern New England; in 1790, first meeting of U .S. Supreme Court; National Freedom Day (commemorates passing of 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery).

2 Groundhog Day (if groundhog sees his shadow, legend says we'll have six more weeks of wintry weather); Candlemas, feast of the purification of Mary; in 1976, from Delaware to Labrador a powerful storm sends temperatures plummeting by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit in a few hours and produces winds up to104 mph at Culter Maine, U.S. -Mexican War comes to an end, 1848.

3 In 1966, Luna 9 becomes first unmanned spacecraft to soft-land on the moon; temperature hits 27 degrees Fahrenheit in downtown Miami, Florida, 1917.

4 Today/tomorrow is halfway point of winter; Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of the planet Pluto, born 1906.

5 NEW MOON, 8:03 A.M. EST; Chinese New Year, Apollo 14 lands on the moon in 1971.

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