The Seasonal Almanac: Nature and Astronomical Events for August and September 2000

The Seasonal Almanac covers nature and astronomical events for August and September 2000.

| August/September 2000

Astronomical Events for August and September 2000

August 2000

1 Lammas ("loaf-mass"), also called the Festival of St. Peter's Chains or of the Maccabees; Gaelic holiday Lugnasad.

2 President Warren G. Harding dies in office and is succeeded by Vice President Calvin Coolidge, 1923.

3 Hurricane Celia strikes Corpus Christi, Texas, killing 11 people and causing $454 million in damage, 1970.

5 Saturn south of the Pleiades star cluster (they rise not long before the brighter Jupiter in hour after midnight).

6 FIRST QUARTER MOON,. 9:02 P.M. EDT; Venus near star Regulus (binoculars needed), very low in west at dusk today and tomorrow; atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, 1945.

7 Halfway point of summer.

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