Animal Indications And Weather

| 9/1/2015 8:44:00 AM

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Can animals predict weather changes or pending catastrophic events?  Research has been done over the years and the actual answer is as elusive today as in the past when that was the common way of predicting weather. Today there are satellites that read temperatures, cloud formations, wind patterns and a host of other information then beam the results back to computers that calculate all factors and give us pretty accurate forecasts. A few weeks ago we had a helicopter fly over our area with a large upside cone hanging below it by a cable. I found out they were checking the depths of the subterranean fault lines that are in our area to help accurately predict earthquakes. About a week later we had a 4.2 quake which we did not feel, but our dogs did as they were pacing around nervously looking for a corner to get into. Or the recent Indian Ocean tsunami that killed over 230,000 people but almost no animals perished except those caged. But the question still goes mostly unanswered whether animals, birds, insects and types of flora can predict weather.

Animal vs Scientific methods:

Where we live we are surrounded by various animals, different species of birds, bats, insects and mammals. I have made it a habit to observe them in my day to day activity including our four dogs which are also good predictors. I believe they can tell what the weather may hold or that is in store for us. For example our deer and elk have been feeding more heavily than normal and are all fat and sleek with their new coats. Much more than what we have observed in past years. I consider this an indicator that this could indicate a hard winter could be in store for us. The weather forecasters have been saying essentially the same thing only they relate it to an El Nino somewhere in the Pacific ocean. I know these folks spend years in college and have all types of sophisticated equipment to help in making their calculations and predictions but I tend to give equal credibility to the deer and elk.

Early Migration:

We provide a bat house in the peak of our roof for bats to roost in. The same bat family has migrated each year for many years. This small family of bats is devastating on our mosquito population. We have two springs that run all year long on our property and they facilitate mosquito breeding where the water pools up. I do not believe I have ever had more than two mosquito bites a year since the bats came to live with us. This year we noted that both the bats and hummingbirds have migrated far earlier than in past years.

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