American Humor: In Search of the Best Shade Tree

The last laugh column shares MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader submitted regional American humor with other MOTHER readers.

| August/September 1996

Last Laugh shares MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader submitted American humor with other readers.  

American Humor: In Search of the Best Shade Tree

C'mon in, the shade's fine. 

I do not hold designer trees — Bradford pear, weeping cherry, crabapple, and the like — much in favor. They are nice, pretty to look at, but their shade is fleeting and you cannot rest your shoulders against their trunks.

I prefer trees that were planted before I was born — trees that I can lie beneath the live long summer day and not once be touched by the sun.

My friends return from vacations boasting of even tans, sunny beaches, and cloudless cruises. I return and would tell (if anyone would listen) of anonymous trees in whose shade I rested and pondered as lazy as a leaf

on a windless day "Disneyland was nice, but there was this live oak just outside my motel room and ..." or "In London I saw this double row of magnificent horse chestnut trees near one of those palaces or something." I have a vacation goal: there is a saman tree on the campus of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad whose shade covers an area of more than half an acre!

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