American Humor: Making Fun of Magazine Editors

Kansas veterinarian and writer Randy Kidd helps Last Laugh make fun of magazine editors who don't always manage to please readers of popular magazines.

| July/August 1988

Last Laugh shares MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader submitted American humor with other readers. 

Editorial Interruption: A few readers have written in complaining when their home area was the subject of this column's jokes. In keeping with journalism's fairness doctrine, we hereby offer some humor that picks on editors. This piece comes from a long-time friend, Kansas veterinarian and writer Randy Kidd. (Mind you, Randy's not necessarily talking about us!) 

American Humor: Making Fun of Magazine Editors

There are a lot of things about this business of writing that I really enjoy, but one of my favorites is when I have the occasion to call one of my back-East editors. Folks are just so doggoned cute back there, so different and homespun in their own peculiar way. Talking to them I often feel like I do when I'm around a squirmy, fluff-eared puppy dog: all agush with the want to pick 'em up and squeeze 'em.

Folks back East talk at 78 rpm, while the rest of the world listens at 45 rpm, and many of my local friends don't want nothing to do with it. "Too damned fast for my ears," says my neighbor, Claude. But I've learned. When I dial one of my editors in an Eastern area code, I automatically switch my hearing into the 78-rpm mode.

"Good Morning, GourmetCountryLeisurePublishing. ThisisEvelynspeaking. MayIhelpyou?" I take the time to mentally play all that back at 45 speed.

"Howdy." I figure that since an Easterner's voice player is out of whack, I'd better give them plenty of chance to understand me. So I a'purpose speak at 33 rpm.

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