Your Favorite Quotes in American Humor

The last laugh column is back with MOTHER EARTH NEWS Plumtree boys and reader's favorite regional American humor quotes from past issues.

| September/October 1986

Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
— Mark Twain

Well sir, you did it! So many of you wrote in to ask what had happened to Last Laugh's American humor column that MOTHER's editor finally gave in, drove out to Plumtree Crossing, and asked me to come out of retirement!

Now, next issue I'll tell you just what secret doin's the boys at the Crossing have been up to these past several months, but this time around, I'm going to celebrate my return by sharing some of the best chuckles from the columns in MOM's first 100 issues of American humor. As you know, for over half of those 100 issues, the old reprobates who hang around the Plumtree Crossing General Store have been distorting facts with the best of 'em. Why, they can't ever refer to each other without dropping such pearls of prevarication as:

"Clovis Roebucks is so dumb he couldn't find the nose on his face if he was looking in a mirror."

"Ott's such a born liar that he has to get somebody else to call his hogs."

"Ol' Newt Blanchard? He was born tired and raised lazy."

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