Mother's Alternative Living Seminars Left Us Smiling

The seminars MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine hosted in 1980 on a multitude of topics related to homesteading and alternative living made a big impression on attendees.

| September/October 1980

065 mother's alternative living - 3 children's activities

[3] Children found plenty of fun, activity, and entertainment at the dynamic day camp. 


Although the 20-plus days preceding our June 1980 Mother Earth Week had been marked by unseasonably hot, dry weather, our first group of seminar attendees were greeted with a series of much needed (though at times inconvenient) thunderstorms.

It would have taken a good bit more than those few showers, however, to dampen the high spirits that the eager students had brought with them from all over this country and Canada (and even from as far away as Honduras!). The interplay of ideas—between seminar leaders and students, and among the members of almost every random group that formed in lunch lines, after classes, or around the campfire—made for some positively energy-charged experiences!

Let Them Speak for Themselves

In fact, after our group of visitors (who accounted for a total of 1,645 classroom seats) headed back to their homes to put their newly gained knowledge to use, MOTHER EARTH NEWS' staffers were overflowing with enthusiasm. Everyone agreed that the seminar attendees had—almost to a person—felt they'd gotten the information they came for. And seminar evaluation comments such as the following (which were culled from hundreds of similar reviews) flat warmed the cockles of our hearts!

"I learned what I wanted to know and more, and enjoyed being able to actually try things out!" (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

"I came to the seminars not knowing anything about solar heating, and when I left I had accumulated more information than I could ever have gathered by reading books. I really enjoyed it!" (Stafford, Virginia)

"The staff members were unusually people-oriented." (Jacksonville, Florida)

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