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| November/December 1978

Brief: Michio Kushi

Michio Kushi is on the road ... again. This renowned Japanese-born author, as you may know, has lectured throughout the world on Oriental culture, philosophy, medicine, and diet ... conducted seminars and live-in study programs for both the general public and the medical profession ... compiled much of his lecture/seminar material in The Teachings of Michio Kushi (an introduction to the cosmology of yin and yang as applied to diet, medicine, psychology, natural science, and history) ... and established the non-profit East West Foundation for One Peaceful World. And his schedule is just as hectic now as ever.

Last summer (August 1978) in Amherst, Massachusetts Mr. Kushi and the Foundation hosted the second annual Medical Conference on a Nutritional Approach to Cancer and Other Illnesses. Then this nonstop educator — having seen two new books off to the printer — set out for Europe once more, this time to participate in the First European Congress of Macrobiotics, which will be held in Belgium in early November.

Mr. Kushi's two new books — The Macrobiotic Way of Healing and The Book of Do-In — by the way, are already on the market.

Brief: John Seymour

Studies show that agribiz requires five calories of chemical energy — in the form of petrochemical fertilizers and sprays — to produce one calorie of energy in the form of wheat. But John Seymour ("the guru of British selfsufficiency") has demonstrated in just two years that 62 acres of land — mostly reclaimed from swamp and bracken — can feed the 10 or more people who work the place, maintain a whole catalog of farm animals, and produce a surplus for swap or sale ... without nonorganic chemicals. At Fachongle Isaf, in Wales (the farm all the do-it-yourselfers in England are clamoring to see), animals are pastured where their manure is needed for fertilizer, then moved on. Both crops and pasturage are rotated in accordance with the needs of the soil ... and the whims of the weather.

John's beliefs and techniques are spelled out in his big book, The Guide to Self-Sufficiency. "The concept of the conquest of Nature is a false concept and the attempt to do it is doomed to fail," reads the Seymour philosophy: As a part of Nature himself, Man must work with — not against — the natural forces of the earth. At Fachongle Isaf, John Seymour is perfecting what he preaches.

Brief: Richie Havens

Richie Havens, prominent singing star of the near-legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969, is still singing for peace ... with "Shalom, Salaam", a contribution to Israeli-Arab negotiations.

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