Action For Nature: 2010 Young Eco-Hero Awards

Reader Contribution by Anna Flin
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The San Francisco-based non-profit Action For Nature has sent forth the call for youth ages 8 to 16 whose passion for nature has motivated a personal and significant environmental effort.  

Young people meeting these criteria are encouraged to apply for the 2010 Young Eco-Hero Awards, an honor resulting in a prize of up to $500, an award certificate and potential opportunities to share research and education with others.

Former applicants to the program have come from diverse backgrounds in environmental advocacy, but an early interest in the natural world is what Beryl Kay, president of Action For Nature, believes often sets apart potential environmental experts and educators.

“The years 8 to 16 are a window between early childhood development and college or working commitments,” Kay says. “These young people are our hope for the future protection of our natural world. We want to recognize and encourage them. We want to celebrate their successes. We want them to become role models for other youth.”

For more information about applying for this opportunity, visit Action For Nature.

Above: The 2009 recipient of Honorable Mention, Samantha Muscarella began the first recycling initiative at her school. Photo courtesy of Action For Nature.