A Successful, Sustainable Forest

| 3/7/2016 10:05:00 AM

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Timbergreen Farm in Wisconsin

The well-known Wisconsin forest owner, Jim Birkemeier, established the Spring Green based Timbergreen Farm shortly after purchasing his first portable sawmill in the late 1980s. Since then, the business has become a model of sustainable forestry and local economic growth with their unique forest to finished flooring system being taught and implemented all over the world.

By managing his family’s forestland with natural and environmentally friendly practices, Jim has created a profitable plan for the private forest owner, turning Timbergreen Farm into a successful and growing business that is green in more ways than one.

In 1997, Jim established The Sustainable Woods Cooperative Movement on the hillside across from his log home, focusing on methods of utilizing dead, dying, and downed trees for usable lumber and high value furnishings. Throughout the years, Timbergreen Farm’s business model has been taught in more than 20 different countries! Jim has found that speaking with other forest owners allows them to learn from each other and create a collaborative education of sustainable forestry practices in the process.

“By controlling the entire forest to finished product business system, we all understand trees, forestry, woodworking, and marketing finished products,” said Jim. “We get to hear directly from our happy customers how much they love their wood flooring and finished products, which is really rewarding!”

Jim' Portable Sawmill

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