1998 Almanac, October-November Calendar

The October-November calendar of our 1998 almanac references Hurricane Hazel (1954), the stock market collapse of 1929, and of course Thanksgiving Day.

| October/November 1998

Throughout the bi-monthly installments of our 1998 almanac, we try to present a mix of celestial events for sky gazers in addition to historical events. The October-November calendar is particularly active. It includes info on when to see the Draconid meteor shower, Orionid meteor shows, Taurid meteor shower, and Leonid meteor shower.

October 1998

1 Mars now pulling close to the slightly brighter star Regulus in east before dawn.

3 Moon near Jupiter tonight; in 1841, the "October Gale" was whaling Nantucket's worst storm ever. It also sank 40 ships off Cape Cod and dumped 18 inches of snow inland at Middletown, Connecticut.

4 Battle of Germantown in 1777 featured early morning fog which combined with battle smoke to produce poor visibility in which American colonists mistakenly fired upon each other

5 Succoth; St. Francis of Assisi's Day; FULL MOON (Harvest Moon), 4:12 p.m. EDT.

6 Moon just below Saturn tonight.

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