The 1982 Economic Outlook of Major Banking Institutions

The 1982 economic outlook of major banking institutions, including two tables charting the stability of the top 50 largest commercial banks and savings and loans.

| September/October 1982

Learn more about the 1982 economic outlook of major banking institutions. 


Although Washington continues to see economic recovery waiting for us at the end of each season, many of the real indications of our nation's poor fiscal health are being ignored. Consider, if you will, the implications in the following material, adapted from the excellent newsletter, Personal Finance 

More than a third of the nation's 50 largest savings and loan associations are "failing" by government standards, according to a computer-generated report commissioned by Personal Finance.

A companion survey of the top 50 commercial banks reveals that more than half do not meet the minimum equity capital requirements set by the federal banking agencies. Normally, a bank's reserves of equity capital provide a "safety cushion" for depositors in case the bank suffers unforeseen losses.

These findings are based on the latest financial statements (December 31, 1981) submitted to the federal banking agencies by more than 18,000 banks and S&Ls nationwide. Large commercial banks report quarterly to the Federal Reserve; S&Ls, semiannually to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board.

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