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12 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Hostile Valley Living

Apple Cider Vinegar is a superfood, able to tackle tasks from cleaning up mold and covering odors to spicing up a salad with ease. It is easy to make yourself, and can also be inexpensive from the grocery store in raw, organic versions with the mother. What can you use this amazing vinegar for? It is truly astonishing how many tasks ACV can help out with. Here are just a dozen of my favorites.

Dealing with Sickness on the Homestead

By Anna Twitto

Sickness has some particularly challenging aspects for homesteaders — how to make the best of it?

Canine Skin Problems Caused by Food Allergies

By Bruce McElmurray

Where we live remotely in the Sangre de Cristo mountains (9,800-foot elevation), we have to be aware of our surroundings, especially when it comes to our four German Shepherd dogs. Our veterinarian is 45 miles away so we need to be familiar as laymen with ailments and conditions that may impact our fur family, including the subject of this post: skin issues caused by food allergies.

4 Herbal Teas for Autumn and Winter

By Jane Cookman Metzger, The Herbal Academy

Bodily imbalance may arise during autumn and the long winter months either due to illness arising from fluctuating weather or passing viruses around, reduced activity, the stress of the holidays, or the decreased daylight hours. We can turn to herbal teas to support our body’s resilience and to correct imbalance.


The Secret Ingredient for Health is Happiness

By Eleni Roumeliotou, Primal Baby

Research shows that happiness is not just a pleasant state of mind that makes us feel good. It is a powerful health-giving emotion that can affect profoundly the long-term health of children and even unborn babies.

4 Reasons to Eat Pastured Eggs

By Eleni Roumeliotou, Primal Baby

For many people, eggs, and mostly yolks, are not welcome in the kitchen, due to their high fat content. But what if eggs in their entirety are actually nutritional bombs not to be missed? Here are some little-known facts proving the goodness of eggs.

Top 10 Natural Foods for Cat Health

By Ann Katelyn

If you are planning to feed your cat raw food, you should at least know the basic ingredients that are necessary to promote cat nutrition. Here are some of the top picks when it comes to giving your feline food that would support its complete nutritional needs.

Comparing Soap Ingredients: Farm-Made Goat's Milk vs Corporate-Brand Soaps

By Julia Shewchuk, Serenity Acres Farm

Here are the ingredients listed on the Dove Brand label, with a comparison to the ingredients in our Goat’s Milk Soap. The definitions and explanations for the ingredients were taken from the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website. No interpretations or judgements were added.