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5 Botanically-Inspired Gifts for Anyone

By Jane Cookman Metzger, The Herbal Academy

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite botanical resources and herbal creations below! For those interested in botany or herbalism, these gifts will encourage the learning journey, offer up inspiration, and encourage a bit of rest and relaxation in this busy month.

Building Rituals into Your Life

By Blythe Pelham

Ritual has likely been a part of people’s lives as long as we have employed conscious thought. Whether ritually conducting simple routine with intention or designing a special ceremony, creating and holding space for the sacred can enrich one’s life immeasurably. Join me in this blog post to gather ideas about creating more ritual in your own life.

Natural Winter Skin Care

By Anna Twitto

Last winter I suffered from a very bad case of red, dry, painful hands and spent a fortune on expensive medical-grade creams and lotions, but this was before I fully discovered the wonders of coconut oil and shea butter and the satisfaction of making one's own simple skin care products.

A Step by Step Guide to the Oil Face-Cleansing Method

By Kelsey Steffen

Ever wish you could streamline your evening face-washing/toning/moisturizing routine and save both time and money? I did! Say goodbye to expensive facial cleansers, moisturizers, toners, masks and blemish controls, and say hello to inexpensive and nourishing oils. The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) has helped me reduce breakouts and improve my complexion. Not to mention, I have much more room in my bathroom cabinets and more money in my wallet!


Nature's Multi-Vitamin: The Many Benefits of Bone Broth (with Crock Pot Recipe)

By Alexander and Ashley Poptodorov, A+A Wellness

Discover the many benefits of bone broth and enjoy a medicinal Crock Pot recipe for our favorite bone broth soup.

Comforting Comfrey Can Speed Recovery

By Blythe Pelham

Always one to find the shiny underbelly of a cloud, this post shares how I used my knowledge of this amazing plant to become an outlier in healing my broken wrist. Comfrey can speed healing in beneficial ways when using with care. It can also cause major problems when put into action incorrectly.

10 Herbs for Tea-Kettle First Aid

By Agatha Noveille, The Herbal Academy

A tea kettle and some dried herbs are all you need to be able to begin using herbs in your own home and even provide herbal support for common first aid complaints.

Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

By Carrie Williams Howe

Make this simple elderberry-honey syrup to boost your immunity as you combat winter colds. You can make a great elderberry syrup at home for a fraction of the cost with just a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time. This is especially true if you, like us, grow your own elderberries or keep your own bees!