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Stay healthy with herbal remedies, a nourishing diet, and a chemical-free home.

After-Sun Care for Skin and Hair

By Janice Cox

After spending time in the sun, try these recipes for cooling masks, mists, bath soaks, gels, and more.

Growing Your Medicinal Herb Garden, Part 3

By Sean and Monica Mitzel

One of the questions I get asked frequently is what herbs would I recommend for a small medicinal herb garden or for someone just starting out so they don’t get overwhelmed. This is part three of that series.

Herbs for Your Teacup

On this episode you will learn about growing a tea garden, the different herbs to grow, their medicinal properties, and how to use them!

Patient Advocacy: Listening and Observing

By Blythe Pelham

I was recently reminded how important it can be for patients in the hospital to have an advocate for dealing with hospital staff, friends and family. For some people, this role comes very naturally. Others are best-suited for alternative supporting roles and can be more helpful following their own personal strengths.


4 Herbs to Support Gratitude

By Marlene Adelmann, The Herbal Academy

The key to observing gratitude is to open your heart and center yourself. Take a look at these four herbs that will help you do just that!

Apitherapy: Bees as Medicinal Midwives

By Melanie M. Kirby, Zia Queen Bees

Making magic with plants and flowers has its roots deeply entwined in the interspatial relationships over millennia with insects as pollinators. Pollinators procured the sweet and tangy nectars and the rich and robust pollens for their own nutrition and self-medication. In so doing, they have helped to fertilize flowering plants and thus, have served as midwives to blooms across the globe producing food and medicine for varied species for millennia.

How To Protect Tap Water From Legionalla Bacteria

By Kayla Matthews

For most, there’s nothing easier than turning on the tap when you need a drink of water. New research shows that a glass of warm or room-temperature tap water could harbor harmful the legionella bacteria. Follow these preventative measures to protect your tap.

Argan Oil: Its Benefits, Uses and Purity

By Elena Julian, OilYit

You’ve probably heard of argan oil: the new “miracle” ingredient in DIY natural cosmetics. You may know it’s made in Morocco and that it’s beneficial for your hair, body, and even as a food ingredient. However, you may not know that studies suggest it accelerates burn healing and fights cancer and diabetes. I’ve compiled the last 20 years of research on argan oil benefits.