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Stay healthy with herbal remedies, a nourishing diet, and a chemical-free home.

The Best Insect Repellents: Debugging Your Summer

By David Petersen

Protect yourself against biting insects, including flies, mosquitoes, gnats, midges, and ticks, by choosing the best insect repellents.

To Your Health: New Food Facts and an Update on Lyme Disease

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

A diet allegedly eliminates cholesterol without sacrificing red meat and dairy products; a study on how the way one eats affects digestion; links between caffeine and infertility, between soy protein and reduced stomach acid, and smoking and cholesterol levels; plus an experimental drug treatment for osteoporosis.

Secret Homemade Facial Mask

By Bill Houston

You probably have all the ingredients you need for this homemade facial mask in your pantry and/or refrigerator.


Illnesses thought to be extinct are making a return, including cholera, rheumatic fever and plague, includes prevention and the defense of laughter.


Re-Emerging Diseases

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Public health officials are having to contend with a slew of re-emerging diseases — debilitating if not fatal conditions once thought to have been defeated. Originally published as "COMEBACK DISEASES" in the March/April 1989 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Foreign Mail Order Drugs

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

On a trial basis in 1989, the FDA allowed Americans to buy mail order drugs from foreign countries.

Boosting the Immune System With Laughter

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Research suggests boosting the immune system is yet another health benefit of laughter.

Nutritional Deficiency and Growth

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Research into nutritional deficiency shows even a small one — particularly of zinc, particularly in boys — can have a large effect on growth rates.