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Hygiene Hypothesis: Why It May Be OK to Get a Little Dirty

By Linda B. White, M.D

The “hygiene hypothesis” could explain the rise in asthma and allergy rates, according to some scientists. Learn more about why exposure to germs isn’t always a bad thing.

Inspiration From a Women's Gathering

By Crystal Stevens

Women have gathered since the dawn of humanity. Women tend to lose sight of self care because we are the caregivers. When women gather, we renew the inner fire in our hearts, we brainstorm solutions to global problems, we connect to the earth.

For This I Am Truly Grateful

By Shawn Hosford

Sharing my practices of gratitude and thanksgiving.

How To Transition Healthfully Through Life Changes and Challenges

By Alexander and Ashley Poptodorov

Practical tips for transitioning through life's changes mindfully and healthfully. This will cover simple ways to get back on track and stay focused forward. Alex and Ashley share their own personal experience with picking back up and moving forward.


Coping with Ebola and Other Emerging Infections

By Stephen Harrod Buhner

Renowned herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner outlines how plant medicines can prevent and treat emerging infections such as Ebola and discusses why these deadly outbreaks are happening. He explains how to use more than a dozen antiviral and immune-boosting herbs, including elder, licorice and skullcap.

Children Will Watch as Well as Listen

By Shawn Hosford

Are our words or actions more important to our children?

Interview with Herbalist and Author Rosemary Gladstar

By Hannah Kincaid

Watch an interview with Rosemary Gladstar, during which she discusses the goals of the non-profit United Plant Savers and the importance of plant conservation. Plus, read about how Rosemary became a leading figure in American herbal medicine.