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Starting 2015

By Shawn Hosford

The first day of 2015.

Living With Intention

By Shawn Hosford

Exploring ways that I can and will impact people around me in 2015.

Candida Yeast Overgrowth More Real than Ever and Part of a Larger Gut Issue

By Kathleen Jade, N.D.

You may not hear about Candida overgrowth as much anymore, but there’s more evidence than ever that this syndrome is real and is often associated with other gut problems that cause a wide variety of symptoms throughout the body.

Wealth of Wisdom

By Shawn Hosford

Who shares with you a wealth of wisdom that enriches your life?


Home Remedies for Toothaches, Gingivitis and More

By Chelsea Clark

If you have recurrent dental problems or are currently suffering from pain in a tooth, give these home remedies for toothaches, gingivitis and bad breath a try. Herbal treatments like turmeric, sage and peppermint are natural and effective ways to ease pain, fight bacteria and prevent inflammation.

Gift Giving This Year

By Shawn Hosford

What gifts are we going to give this holiday season?

Oregano for Flavor, Nutrition and Healing

By Marlene Adelmann

Oregano is well known as a culinary herb with warming and aromatic flavor. The oil of oregano has shown great promise in treating many illnesses, including colds, flu, muscle pain, GI problems, respiratory illnesses, skin conditions and urinary-tract infections.

7 Health-Promoting Coconut Oil Uses

By Chelsea Clark

Coconut oil uses range from cooking to skin care, so read on to take advantage of what this oil has to offer.