Natural Health

Stay healthy with herbal remedies, a nourishing diet, and a chemical-free home.

How to Whiten Your Teeth DIY Style

By Kayla Matthews

If you want whiter teeth but don't want to buy chemical-heavy products at the store, these food and DIY home remedies will help you get whiter teeth, without the cost and chemicals.

Does Music Make You Run Faster?

By Chelsea Clark

Adding music to your workout will make exercising more enjoyable, but does music make you run faster as well?

How Chaga Mushroom Can Help You Be Healthy

By Susanna Raeven

Get your chaga on! The many health benefits of chaga mushroom, how to harvest chaga in the wild, healthy and delicious chaga recipes.

Kindness by the Dozen

By Shawn Hosford

How sharing home grown gifts can enrich each other lives.


5 Easy, Healthy New Year's Resolution Ideas

By Chelsea Clark

These 5 New Year resolution ideas are easy and simple, and they will help you take small, but significant, steps toward better health.

7 Herbs for Asthma

By Jesse Wolf Hardin

Ease the suffering of asthma attacks with the help of these healthy herbs!

A Transparency Movement

By Shawn Hosford

Can we and should we be transparent with each other? Who should be transparent with whom?

Why Tea-Tree Oil Should Be in Every Medicine Cabinet

By Marlene Adelmann

Tea-tree oil may actually be the ‘cure all’ of essential oils. You have probably heard of it by now, but do you know how to use it?