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Stay healthy with herbal remedies, a nourishing diet, and a chemical-free home.

Best Sources of Vitamin D (Video)

By Hannah Kincaid

Learn the best sources of vitamin D to achieve your recommended dosage of “the sunshine vitamin," and put the "D" in diet!

Abdominal Massage for Constipation Relief

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

Having trouble finding relief from chronic constipation? You may benefit from an abdominal massage.

Keep It Simple

By Shawn Hosford

Skin care and keeping it simple.

How Will You Be Remembered?

By Shawn Hosford

What I think about each time I attend a funeral, celebration of life or memorial.


5 Easy Changes You Can Make to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

By Amy Fewell

Often times, whenever someone wants to start living a more natural lifestyle, they never know where to begin. Here are five quick and easy things you can change in your home to help promote a more natural lifestyle.

Valerian Root for Sleep Improvement

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

Valerian is known for its sedative qualities, which can help to increase sleepiness, as well as to decrease nervousness and restlessness.

Blessed Life

By Shawn Hosford

Why I use the #Blessedlife.

Belly Dancing Through Pregnancy

By Lisa Marie Morgan

She had ballet under her belt with her first birth and has turned to belly dance with the birth of her second. In a conversation with Jamie Rose Lyle, who dances with Gypsy Heart Tribal Belly Dance, she tells us about the birth of her first child and how she thinks belly dancing will change the birth of her second.