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Is Chocolate Good for You? 7 Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate

By Chelsea Clark

The list of reasons why chocolate is good for you is seemingly endless. Here are just a few of the impressive health benefits of dark chocolate.

A Close Study of Holy Basil

By Jane Cookman Metzger

Holy Basil is an herbaceous plant in the mint family that is native to South Asia. It grows throughout lowland regions of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, southern China, Thailand, and Malaysia. The species name, sanctum, reflects the sacred nature of the plant in Indian culture. Holy basil includes a few species and varieties.

'Numen: The Nature of Plants' Is a Film to See

By Crystal Stevens

"Numen: The Nature of Plants" is a cornucopia of intuitive wisdom, science based knowledge, and exuberant passion and reverence for plants around the world. The film opens with plant close ups and stunning time lapse photography of plants throughout their growing cycles, their intrinsic eye catching patterns and their symbiotic relationships with pollinators. Numen is defined as the spirit believed by animists to inhabit natural objects. The film describes that we sense this force the most abundantly through plants.

My Tee Shirts

By Shawn Hosford

Do well-behaved people seldom or rarely make history?


Herbal Supplements Controversy Spurs ‘The Sustainable Herbs Project’

By Ann Armbrecht

The Sustainable Herbs Project is a new project by the producers of the award-winning documentary, Numen: the Nature of Plants, the first feature-length film on the healing power of plants. We are creating an online interactive documentary following medicinal plants through the supply chain to launch a more educated and responsible consumer movement supporting high quality herbal remedies and sustainable and ethical sourcing.

5 Delicious Antioxidant Foods to Eat This Winter

By Chelsea Clark

If you need a little mid-winter diet inspiration, here is a list of healthy, high-antioxidant foods to eat this winter season.

Test the Nutrients in Your Pastured Products

By Robin Mather

Meat, eggs and dairy from grass-fed animals provide superior nutrition. Join our nutrition testing program for proof you can use.

Send Varicose Veins Packing with this Surprising Change

By Dawn Combs

Varicose veins are painful and unsightly. The surprising answer may be closer than you think when you take a closer look at how you sit, stand and walk!