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Stay healthy with herbal remedies, a nourishing diet, and a chemical-free home.

6 Saffron Benefits for Your Health

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

Saffron contains more than 150 compounds, many of which have medicinal properties like carotenoids (beta-carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and more).

Making Your Own Herbal Medicine: Tinctures and Infusions

By Corinna Wood, Southeast Wise Women

To make potent extractions of the medicinal properties from plants growing nearby, you can easily learn to make your own tinctures and infusions. Alcohol-based tinctures are often used for acute or specific concerns, while water-based infusions are strong, medicinal teas which gently strengthen the body over time.

Unconditional Love

By Shawn Hosford

The gifts we are able to share in a long and respectful relationship.

Test Results: I Got My Body Analyzed for Glyphosate Residue

By Hannah Kincaid

A MOTHER EARTH NEWS editor got her body tested for glyphosate residue, and what she discovered led to a number of realizations regarding U.S. environmental regulations and the importance of an organic diet.


Save Humans as Well as the Earth

By Shawn Hosford

Are we saving the Earth at this point or our own species?

Context Shapes Our View

By Shawn Hosford

How we look at the world stems from our context how we were raised and many other variables.

5 Summer Herbs to Preserve Fresh

By Jane Metzger

While many herbs can be dried and stored for later use in teas and remedies, these five summer herbs are best preserved fresh!

Is Homeopathy Effective?

By Hannah Kincaid

A new report by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council finds that homeopathy is not effective for treating health conditions.