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3 Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Treatment Options

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

If you want to treat your rheumatoid arthritis naturally, you’ll want to focus on physical activity, mindfulness, and effective supplements.

Protect Yourself Against the Zika Virus with Homemade Essential Oil Mosquito Spray

By Wendy Akin

I hate putting chemicals on my skin, so I use an essential oil spray that has proven to be very effective for preventing mosquito and other bug bites. In the past couple years in the garden, none of us have been bitten. Even at a riverside campground in Louisiana, there were no mosquito bites.

A Right and Wrong Way to Squat When Giving Birth

By Lisa Marie Morgan, Dancing for Birth

There is a right and a wrong way to squat when in labor and giving birth. Unfortunately, most women are taught the wrong way. Learn the true birth-squat position and why it will lead to a more comfortable birth.

Doctors Prescribe Walking as a Boost to Your Health

By Jay Walljasper

A major new study found that lack of physical activity is twice as deadly for us as obesity. But as little as 30 minutes of walking a day cuts the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in half, lowers the likelihood of diabetes by 60 percent, limits colon cancer by 31 percent for women and reduces risk of dementia, heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, glaucoma and catching a cold. This prompted U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to issue a call for Americans to walk more.


What is Urea?: An Effective Dry Skin Remedy

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

One of the more effective ways to relieve dry skin and prevent chapping is to use moisturizing creams with an important ingredient: urea.

Are Antibiotics Safe for Children?: 4 Risks of Antibiotic Overuse

By Chelsea Clark, Natural Health Advisory Institute

Antibiotics are prescribed left and right for various conditions. But are they always necessary? Learn about some of the health risks associated with frequent antibiotic use in children.

Self-Healing Visualization

By Judy DeLorenzo, Biofield Healing

Learn this ocean healing visualization and access your self-healing potential through the mind-body connection.

Do a Digital Detox to Reconnect with the World Around You

By Hannah Kincaid

How logging off social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram can help you reconnect with yourself, your world, and those whom you love most.