Top 10 Immune-Boosting Tips to Survive the Cold and Flu Season

| 12/1/2015 12:14:00 PM

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As we enter into the cold and flu season, it is the perfect time to be thinking about your immune system and practical ways to help boost it. Alex and I practice these immune-boosting tips every day of the year and we are always extra pleased when we are able to ward off a nasty flu or cold.

These tips are our tried-and-true suggestions for increasing immunity and maintaining good health all year long. Let's start with a brief explanation of what your immune system is: The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade body systems and cause disease.

As you can see, it is important to help boost immunity so that your body can effectively do its job in fighting off sickness.

Here are our top 10 immune-boosting tips to help you stay healthy and active this winter season.

1. Build up your gut health. You can't have happy thoughts on a sour stomach. 80% of your bodies immune system is in the gut. Start by eating probiotic rich foods and drinks such as kraut, kimchi and kefir. Here is a link we posted on how to make your own kefir

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