Tips for Tick Prevention

You can protect your legs from ticks by using nothing but an old pair of socks.

| June/July 2014

Tick on Skin

Prevent ticks with this handy tip that involves nothing but an old pair of socks.

Photo by Fotolia/Henrik Larsson

Take a pair of socks that are worn at the toe, and cut the toes off straight across. Next, put these altered socks on over your regular pair of socks, but pull them up high so the cut toe is located over the elastic ankle band of your good socks.

Now you can tuck your pant legs in the top of the cut-off pair. This way, ticks won’t have access to your skin, plus you won’t stretch out the tops of all your good socks.

Dan Metscher
Enid, Oklahoma

5/20/2014 2:04:25 PM

The best thing I ever did to control the tick population on my property was to raise free ranging chickens. Even my neighbor has noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of ticks she finds on her Britney's. WIN WIN fresh eggs and natural bug control.

5/17/2014 12:48:12 PM

Unfortunately, this won't work for the biggest population of ticks that you run into when you live off the grid in the forest, or where there is tall grass or a lot of down leaves. Enter the SEED TICK, which, when you live off the grid as we do, you will find is your biggest threat. It is so small it crawls through the socks and bites you. Try vinegar and water!

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