The Exciting Herbal Resurgence

| 6/17/2016 8:25:11 AM

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Herbalism has a rich, beautiful history and is once again finding a place in many modern homes. The herbalism revival that began in the 1970s has become a renaissance of renewed interest in the healing arts of the past. Now is a vibrant, exciting time to be an herbalist! 

A Growing Community of Herbal Visionaries!

The herbal community is growing by leaps and bounds. We are seeing this very clearly here at the Herbal Academy, where an astonishing number of new students are joining us each and every day! More and more people are interested in becoming home and family herbalists and more people than ever are reaching out with questions about how to use herbs to support their health. Each year, new herbal gatherings join the annual tradition of bringing eager students and wise teachers together from far and wide to learn and connect.

Herbal Academy classes

So much about this herbal revival is shared collectively, and yet each person is on his or her own path. Among these passionate individuals are some who will be inspired to become the next teachers, healers, and herbal entrepreneurs. These are the herbal visionaries of our time!

The potential and possibility that these individuals can see wherever they look is what sets them apart. They go on to become leaders, healers, business owners, writers, and even farmers – they have found their calling and follow an internal compass that directs them to work with complete dedication to educate themselves about the science and art of herbalism.  

How You Can Be an Herbalist

Do you long to be a part of this exciting herbal resurgence? Are you one of these visionaries? You may already be an herbalist of sorts but not be aware of it!

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