The Dieter's Guide to Weight Loss While Gardening

| 7/13/2011 10:18:58 AM

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I am NOT one of those weight-obsessed people. So you might wonder why I am writing a blog about my weight. Well, a few weeks ago I weighed myself and discovered that I’d lost weight. Again. What’s with that?

Well it probably had something to do with the fact that Mike and Melissa, our HelpXers, were here and we all worked in the garden a good chunk of every day. My weight has been as high as 150 lbs and sort of fluctuates between about 145 and 150 lbs. I know … it’s my metabolism. That’s what everyone tells me. I can still wear my Adidas shorts that I wore when I was in high school, although they should be banned for being indecent. I’ve noticed that about fashion though. I just hang on to all my clothes and eventually they come back in style.

And yes, I do have a good metabolism, and I didn’t gain weight having babies, etc etc. but I give most of the credit to the plant-based diet that I have eaten for 20 years and being pretty active. I cut all of our own firewood, for both the house and the guesthouse. I can soak a shirt with perspiration in a day of woodcutting on the coldest day in winter. But I think gardening has a big effect on me keeping my weight in check.

Since I always seem to have a number of large projects each year that involve rolling round hay bails or moving soil from one spot to another with a wheelbarrow, there are plenty of opportunities for me to burn calories. But once planting season starts it’s a marathon. With no tractor, it’s just me against a ½ acre garden that has to be rototilled, raked to remove last year’s residues and then I make rows, plant, weed and water.  I repeat the last two steps endlessly over the summer.

Edward Campb
1/28/2014 3:44:41 AM

Each and every individual in this world is very much conscious about skin and health. Everybody wants to be beautiful, handsome, good looking world's most beautiful and maintained personality. but its really become a tension headache when our physique become overweight .There are many tips through which we can have weight loss. But the most essential thing is that we should follow it delicately . the best method is through gardening.

7/13/2011 5:18:29 PM

I've noticed the same thing this year - I started the season at 125 and I'm now 119, without trying to lose at all. I also have a huge garden and we burn our own wood too, harvesting it off of our 20 acres. And we are also vegetarians which I really do think helps in losing weight. I eat enormous meals,but it's all plant based, so I can do that and still lose weight. Cool beans! (BTW, I'm 62.)

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