Live on Less: How to Save Money and Enjoy a Simpler, More Sustainable Life

Self reliance and simple living have always been a big part of what MOTHER EARTH NEWS is about. These days, we’re finding those ideas more useful than ever as more and more people strive to live greener lives that consume fewer of the Earth’s resources. More people are also on the lookout for simple ideas for saving money — in these uncertain economic times who doesn’t want to make every dollar go a little farther?

The good news is that saving money and saving the Earth go hand in hand. Even better — many of these strategies for living lightly are simple, satisfying and even fun. To us, simple living means not so much going without, as it means making the most of the resources you already have.

Below you’ll find some of our most recent content about living on less. They include some of the long-standing features of the magazine:

Country Lore: Short and simple tips from readers with all sorts of practical advice that’s easy to apply to your home or homestead.

Firsthand Reports: Longer more detailed accounts from readers who have chosen a greener and more self-sufficient lifestyle, explaining how and why they’ve chosen the self-reliant life.

Bootstrap Businesses: Articles with ideas for home businesses and other simple ideas for earning a little extra income from your property.