Reaching My Goal

| 8/24/2015 2:12:00 PM

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I like setting goals and better yet I love achieving them. Because I am not a sports person and never competed in sports, not even as a kid, competition seems a bit odd to me. But if you were to frame competition as a goal I’d totally understand the mission. Today I have just archived one of my goals. I set a personal goal of writing a weekly blog for MOTHER EARTH NEWS for the duration of a year. 

Last week when I was considering where I might take my weekly musings next, on how I would shape my next goal, I asked two of the folks at MOTHER EARTH NEWS for advice. I also thanked them for their patience in the past when I wrote about topics that could be considered off-topic for their audience. Each of their responses to my query and gratitude were kind and thoughtful.

What I know to be true is that the writing I have done over the past year has allowed me to dig deeper for meaning in my life. I have clarified where I stand and why. Most importantly, the writing has allowed me the space to step back and gain wider perspectives. 

Coming to the conclusions above, I plan to continue writing on a monthly basis for MOTHER EARTH NEWS. In this next series, I will do my best to stay more narrowly focused on topics about our Mother Earth, wildlife, food, and relevant books or movies. This may be difficult as I do enjoy wandering and wondering.

While mulling over what was to come, it became equally clear that my other topics of reflection would continue to need an outlet, so I will share those on The Invisible Parenting Handbook Facebook page. I hope to write heart and soul reflections several times a month on that page.

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