Redesigning Your Life

| 3/9/2012 9:32:00 AM

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It is never too late to create the life you want 

Most people I know aren’t terribly happy with their lives. Deep down inside, they’re plagued by the fact that things didn’t turn out like they’d hoped. 

For many years, I was one of them.  

Professionally, my life was more than I had dreamed of. I launched a successful writing career at age 30, and at age 37 moved to a beautiful home in the mountains that I paid off in five years.  

I had no irritating boss to answer too.  

I set my own schedule.  

dan chiras
3/22/2012 1:06:17 PM

I think you are right about pursuing Society's norms -- what society says is important..And, we often try to meet the expectations of others, including our parents, and end up living lives that are not fully what we wanted, or even partially what we had hoped for. We get drawn into buying things and working are tails off to continue to support our consumerism.

dan chiras
3/22/2012 1:01:43 PM

Excellent way of looking at the process of personal growth. I hope lots of people read your comment and think about growth in this light. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John.

dan chiras
3/22/2012 12:59:41 PM

I find those two simple questions serve as a kind of daily check-in with life. We often get so lost in the details of our lives, so preoccupied with getting through the day, checking things off our lists, that we end up missing what we really want. Lately, I've been trying to create more calm moments, more peace and contentment, more enjoyment of the little things in life. I want less harried life and am taking steps to achieve that. I find myself rushing around, getting things done, but listening to that voice that says, "Hey, you wanted less of this and more enjoyment. Slow down. Watch the sun go down while you're putting the chickens away. Feel the sun on your face. Listen to the birds sing." It is definitely helpming me slow down my day and enjoy the moments more.

raul gomez
3/12/2012 5:51:40 AM

You pose some interesting scenarios that some of us have also been through. I think it has much to do with how society exerts its norms upon us in this wonderful nation of ours. We are forced to the outside of what really is important (seeking pleasure and living a happy life) in our lives and set on a path seeking wealth, fame, and power. And though it doesn't occur to us at the time, we forget that when these become our primary goals in life, our journey is quickly filled with traps and snares. We become entangled and forget that what is real is that which stands right before us; easily perceived by our own two eyes. Yet, we choose to remain blind to the truth.

john sealander
3/12/2012 4:19:15 AM

Yes, I agree with Linda; great questions to start with, to chew on and take our time with. I've been on the planet 66 years and working on myself (and helping others) for 51 of them. What I have found is that "the race doesn't not always go to the swift". Often I approached the situation as 'a problem to solve' or fix quickly so I could 'be happy'. That never really worked well for me. What I found was that I often unfolded slowly, more like a flower, in due time. And at what point is a flower a 'problem to solve'? First it's a stem, then a bud, then a blossom, then it fades and passes. No problem. I no longer try to fix things so much, I just note where I am in that process, like a flower, in each situation. Funny thing is I'm always happy...and if not happy at least at peace. Just cultivating my 'garden'; and helping others 'garden' too.

linda stuart
3/11/2012 10:22:21 PM

I like the two questions - what do I want more of and what do I want less of. Simple but they get right to the guts of the matter. They helped me really focus on what is good and bad about my life so I can start to make changes to get more of the good and less of the bad. Great way to put it Dan!

dan chiras
3/11/2012 3:15:21 AM

Hi John...Thanks for your kind words. You are right, it is all about helping others as we help ourselves. I've been a teacher for nearly 36 years and I've been amazed how much I've learned along the much I got out of teaching others...Take care, my friend. Dan

john sealander
3/10/2012 2:34:34 AM

NIce Dan, really nice. I liked it...a lot. Honest, sincere, real, authentic. It's all about helping others as we help ourselves, isn't it? Great piece of work here. Thanks for the invitation to participate.

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