One Surefire Way to Create an Enjoyable, Fulfilling Life

| 4/30/2012 10:07:00 AM

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Loving Life 

As an author of two popular college environmental texts and numerous trade books on the environment, I’ve examined environmental issues from all angles. My job has been to help human society find the error of its ways — the way we acquire food, make energy, manufacture goods, deal with waste, acquire resources, even the way we live — and suggest solutions.

Over the years, I’ve made countless suggestions for ways to improve society, the economy and our own lives to create a greener world and sustainable future.

It’s safe to say that I’ve spent most of my adult life fault-finding.

Unfortunately, I also scrutinized the people who were close to me with the same intensity. Over time, I came to realize that my proclivity for fault-finding was hazardous to the happiness and well-being of those around me — as well as myself.

By focusing on the negative in everything and everyone, I had failed to appreciate all the good qualities of others and life in general — the things that make life worth living. I missed out on a lot of fun and genuine happiness in my life.

Ruth Jantzen
5/8/2012 6:25:15 AM

I'm an avid believer in the precepts of the "Law of Attraction". I've read Esther and Jerry Hicks, "Ask and It is Given". What strikes me is EVERYBODY is pursuing the having, being, doing of something because they believe that in the having, being, or doing of it..... they will feel better. We live in an attraction based universe and we can create by default or deliberately. Putting our attention on issues that are not to our liking only invites more of it into our lives. As you say, focusing on what we like in the people in our lives makes us feel better and draws moreof that into our experience. But, we can even become grateful for those time when we engage in "negative thinking" because the contrast allows us to determine that it doesn't feel good and we can change the direction of how we think of it. It's all an inside jog anyway! Thanks for your thoughts, I just chanced on your article...or maybe I attracted it.

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