Minnesota Company Celebrates 30 Years of Natural Healing

| 8/27/2012 1:58:28 PM

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Looking back over his company’s 30-year history, Gary Steuart recalls pondering “more than once” whether his business would survive, “or if I’d starve to death for lack of income.”

Each time things looked darkest, Steuart says he bailed himself out the only way he knew that worked: farm-to-farm cold calls on Midwestern dairy farms.

Steuart founded Steuart Laboratories of Mabel, Minnesota, in 1982.  He had become convinced that his original product, an udder ointment for dairy cows, had the ability to heal nasty sores on cows’ teats and udders.

Today, Steuart Laboratories manufactures and markets several dozen herb-based healing and pain products for both the human and livestock markets.

Many of Steuart’s human products were developed as a result of stories he kept hearing from his dairy customers who applied the dairy ointments and creams to their own wounds and rashes.

“The dairy barn is the perfect place to evaluate a skin product, because the dairy farmer carefully examines his cows’ teats and udders twice a day and can clearly see healing taking place,” Steuart says. “I’ve learned over the years that, if a product works in the barn, it often ends up getting used in the house, too.”

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