Listen to Your Inner Voice

| 3/13/2012 8:32:00 AM

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Listen to the innervoice  

In the summer of 1969, I was home from college between my freshman and sophomore years. I was 18 years old.

One afternoon, I sat down at the family dining room table with a Smith-Corona typewriter and began to write a short story.

I hadn’t contemplated writing a short story prior to that moment. In fact, I rather despised writing. A 10-page paper assigned in freshmen-level English was a rather formidable and grueling experience.

Moreover, I wasn’t a very good writer. My prose was straight-forward and clear, but rather unremarkable. My writing had very little spark or glitter. Not a single English professor of mine would have proclaimed, “This guy’s got talent.”

Something struck me at that moment in my life, though, and from that moment on, I never stopped writing. Throughout the next 12 years, as an undergraduate and graduate student and then a college professor, I cranked out dozens of short stories, a novella, a novel, and even a college textbook. I wrote in my spare time, on weekends and evenings.

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