Kitchen Medicine Part VI: Vaginal Infection or Irritation, Vein Problems, and Wounds

Marj Watkins shares her home remedies used by her family. Kitchen Medicine Part VI includes vaginal infection or irritation, vein problems, and wounds.

| May/June 1975

"After thirty," says the proverb, "you're either a fool or your own physician." Maybe before thirty, too … especially if you live in an isolated spot and/or have a big bump of independence. Of course, you're a bigger fool still if you meddle with a serious or persistent condition … but both you and your overworked doctor will be better off if you can prevent or cure your own minor ills … as Marj Watkins began pointing out in MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 28. Here's the final installment of the health hints that work for her family. 

Vaginal Infection or Irritation

Vaginal inflammations seem to occur inevitably when a woman's body is short of vitamins A and E. The problems will usually subside when 100,000 units of vitamin A and 200 of vitamin E are taken daily for three days.

A douche of one tablespoon of vinegar to a quart of water will combat yeasts and fungi and can be used daily to fight infection by these organisms or by bacteria. Used occasionally, it will keep Monilia fungus at bay.

Gentian violet, prepared as a suppository and sold on prescription, is the most effective remedy for trichomonad and Monilia infections. Doctors often hesitate to prescribe this medicine because it's a strong dye . . . but that's no problem when a tampon is used with the suppository.

Vein Problems

VARICOSE VEINS: Although they often begin with a pregnancy, varicose veins can happen to anybody. To make them go away, or at least not get worse, rest with your legs above hip level five minutes out of each hour if at all possible. (Use a slant-board . . . perhaps your ironing board with one end on the floor and the other on a sofa.)

Wear good support hose. Finish every bath with cold water applied to the varicose-vein area to firm your skin, or apply alternate hot and cold packs to your elevated legs. Do bicycling exercises with your legs in the air.

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