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| 3/23/2015 10:39:00 AM

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Wonderful Skin Care

My father used to say “keep it simple” a lot, but with the addition of one word. His rendition was "keep it simple, stupid!” Whenever we would come to him with a question or quandary, often his suggestion would include those four words.

When looking for body care products, I am all about keeping it simple. Organic, pronounceable, and everyday identifiable ingredients are a must for me. The only products you will find in my bathroom are toothpaste, soap, lotion, deodorant, hair care, and lip balm. (Although I did borrow my sister’s makeup products once for my wedding in 1989.) When possible, I like to buy local or at the very least from a socially responsible company. I tend to be the 1960s archetype of NW native female: Birkenstocks, greying hair, minimal cosmetic fuss.

Lucky for me, I was turned onto a small skin care company the other day by my sister. Her husband is dealing with a skin cancer issue, and she has been looking for a natural way to aid in his post-surgery healing. She found Wonderful Skin Care. Unfortunately, it's not local to me, but if you want to support the company and try their products, you can visit their website. On the upside, it is made with minimal ingredients, most of which you probably have in your own kitchen (and are listed on their website). It’s wonderfully supple and easily absorbed by my skin. After applying the products, my skin doesn’t feel heavy or oily. My skin soaks up the balm, and it goes about its work of softening and moisturizing.

The company has an equally lovely inception story. The founder was inspired to find a better skin care regimen after a terrible allergic reaction a few years back. As a persistent self-starter, the founder sounds like my kind of person. I truly appreciate people who work to solve problems and further share their findings! This is the same outlook that inspired the parenting book I wrote for our daughter, Carly. I saw a problem, or perhaps many small problems, and knew that there was a simple way to break them down and rebuild together.

Here's to more people taking on the challenge of resolving and sharing.

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