Learn How to Jog With These Simple Jogging Tips

Learn the many benefits of jogging. You can learn how to jog, get fit safely, and have fun exercising with these jogging tips.

| May/June 1978

Jogging is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, right? Right — and wrong. Right because there just isn't a more basic, down-to-earth, inexpensive way for the average person to achieve fitness than by jogging. Wrong because if it's so darn easy why do so many people start, and then just up and quit?  

Like every other activity, there are certain jogging tips that need to be followed and which — like the guidelines in most other activities — are usually ignored. The results of such ignorance are usually outright injuries and those little (and not so little) aches and pains that can take all the fun out of this simple and otherwise enjoyable hobby-sport. 

In an effort to avoid such dead ends while getting more people on the road to fitness, Rory Donaldson and the National Jogging Association have put together a remarkably complete — and inspiring — little book called Guidelines for Successful Jogging 

We're happy to be able to excerpt a bit of this fine little manual here. It's just what the title implies — and just what the doctor (or sports podiatrist) ordered! 

If you're reading this hoping for a miraculous conversion to jogging, forget it! No matter what good you've been led to expect from exercise you probably won't "get out there" unless there's already a small, irrepressible jogger deep inside you struggling to be free: seeking movement, health, sweat, challenge, a fast-beating heart, solitude and play.

(If you're over 30 and sedentary, check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise programs. If you're over 35 you should have a maximal-stress-treadmill test in order to safely determine that there are no contra-indications to your jogging at this time. The National Jogging Association may be able to help you locate a facility near you.)

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9/4/2008 12:25:51 PM

I liked the article Guidelines For Successful Jogging (or was it excerpt!) I found this when I was looking for guide 3 months back on jogging. It gave me the courage to take up jogging which I had left almost 20 years back. I wanted to become fit by jogging or exercise. I have tried exercise many times but before 3 months is up I had stopped. When I was around 28 years of age I was about 65kg. In 6 years time I added 13 Kgs i.e weighed 78Kgs. I was overweight and moving towords becoming obese. After I took to Jogging I have lost 3Kgs. I manage to jog for 10 mins and walk 20 mins. Cover approx 3.5 KMs regularly. Now I weigh around 75 Kgs. I feel more confident of losing more weight and jog for longer distances and time. My first target is reaching 72 Kgs. I thank you for featuring a good excerpt!!

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