How to Benefit From Herbal Medicine

Discover how to benefit from herbal medicine, includes herbs vs traditional medicine, safety and herbs, herbal side effects and herbal medicine tips.

| December 2002/January 2003

Learn how to benefit from herbal medicine using these helpful tips.

Herbal Spices as Medicine

Kitchen Spices for Health

I've been a botanist specializing in medicinal plants for most of my 30-year career and I've seen medicinal herbs successfully treat conditions high-tech pharmaceuticals barely touched. One reason herbs aren't better known in the United States is that the drug companies can't patent them — yet. Drug companies make much of their money by pulling the medicinally active molecules out of herbs, then tinkering with them until they're chemically unique. The companies can then patent their new molecules, give them brand names and sell them back to us for a lot more money than their original herbal sources cost.

Many Americans believe we have the world's best health-care system — that's certainly what medical doctors and government health experts keep telling us. But did you know that a recent report in the journal of the American Medical Association said that "adverse drug reactions are believed to be the leading cause of death in the United States"?

If this system is the best, it leaves a lot to be desired. Plenty of people assume that the pharmaceuticals their doctors prescribe are better than herbal medicines. I'm delighted this situation is rapidly changing. Learn more on how to benefit from herbal medicine.

Herbs are Good Medicine

Of course, drug companies always say their unique molecules are better, stronger and safer than herbs. I'll readily agree that they are stronger. In fact, they're often too strong and may have more side effects than their herbal precursors.

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Product integrity, safety and efficacy have been Herbalife’s top priorities. Product integrity, safety and efficacy have been Herbalife’s top priorities.

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