Herbal Remedies for the Flu and Winter Colds

| 2/6/2018 10:30:00 AM

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Medicinal Herbs contain organic compounds that have been used to heal dis-”ease” conditions for as long as we have walked the Earth.  Below I will present two formulas my family has used during cold and flu season with great results.

First off, let me advise you that nothing of what I will say below is sanctioned by the medical establishment.  These compounds may not be appropriate for some individuals depending on their circumstances and constitution.  The user is advised to research the herbs and exercise caution.  Many medical professionals today are open to what we call “alternative medicine” and will work with you and advise you when you step outside the pharmaceutical model. 

I’ve used the HEMP formula for 25 years and seen it work on my son at age four when he was diagnosed with strep throat. The fever and white spots in the throat were gone in two days and he was back to normal.  It is called HEMP by using the first letter of the Latin nomenclature for each plant.

HEMP Formula

Mix equal parts of herbal extract. 

One dropper (30 drops) 3 times a day for flu and colds

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2/11/2018 5:18:38 PM

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